Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ACN nterprise Program

ACN, formerly known as American Connection Network, was founded in 1993 by Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Mike Cupisz, and tony Cupisz. Based in North Carolina, the business claims on it's website to be the largest direct selling telecommunications enterprise in the world. They offer local and long distance calling, online, wireless, home security any satellite TV. They also offer digital phone service and a video phone.

Products and Services

ACN scam claims to help its customers save money on telecommunications services that they already use. One service provided is VOIP technology-Voice Over Web Protocol. This technology uses a broadband web connection for routing telephone calls, which must be less expensive and more efficient than conventional switching and fiberoptic methods. Reports are that the services and products provided are very good. Their video phone enables simultaneous visual and voice connection between two individuals equipped with their devices.

Like most multilevel marketing (MLM) businesses, sales for ACN are generated primarily by independent contractor sales agents known as Independent representatives. Representatives report that the business discourages cold calling and "selling." They encourage their reps to sell to their "warm" market-meaning friends and family. They also stress the importance of teaching those "sold" customers to then do the same in return with their own friends and family. This form of multi-level marketing reduces advertising costs, and depends largely upon word-of-mouth endorsement. Additionally, ACN recently secured an agreement with Mr. Donald Trump to publicly endorse and market their services. Such a high-level endorsement may be an industry first.

The Enterprise Program

To join ACN, an initial investment of approximately $495 is required, plus annual fees around $270 ($149/year plus $10/month.) Total first twelve months cost = $765. The commissions earned appear to be roughly 1% of each customer's monthly service charges. Some estimates are that a new sales distributor must sign up and retain 50 or more regular customers so that you can recoup their initial investment and annual fees-that is, to break even.

As an example, commission on a monthly service bill of $50 = $0.50. Securing 50 customers at this level generates a gross commission of $25 each month, or $300 per calendar year before taxes and expenses. These estimates are similar to a reported $40 gross average monthly income for representatives in the largest multilevel marketing company-Amway. Rarely a living wage in either case.

Most individuals do not enjoy selling. Unfortunately, this really is exactly what's required to be successful in ACN or any form of multilevel marketing. Attempting to sign up and sell family members or loyal friends can permanently damage these valued relationships. Many find it emotionally exhausting that they must also continually motivate others. This requirement is essential so that new representatives will repeat the process and sell others on the products or services and the venture program.

Estimates are that approximately 70% of all "distributors" or reps in multilevel marketing quit within their 1st calendar year.

Inside the past three years, many home business owners have found greater success with less effort by marketing their products or services on the Web. Their own efforts in Internet marketing determine their success much much more than with Network marketing. This newer business model provides online marketers with significantly more control of their income and work requirements.

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