Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is Lia Sophia A Scam

If you're checking out this article, chances are you're looking for information on Lia Sophia. While Lia Sophia has existed for much more than thirty years, it has recently started to get many of buzz, especially after some of their products were seen in Oprah Winfrey's "O" Magazine. In this simple, third party examination, I'll go into some information on the corporation that will help you make an educated decision, if you're wondering about becoming a representative. I'll also go into how you can certainly position yourself ahead of 95% of your competition, should you decide to join.

First of all, let's cover some details about the actual corporation. Lia Sophia (formerly known as Act II Jewelry) is a business that sells various types of jewelry through a network business marketing model. While Act II Jewelry had been in enterprise for quite some time, it wasn't until Victor Kiam purchased them in 1986 that they started to see real success. While the company still carries on the vision of their late leader, Kiam's son, Tory Kiam, is now leading the business into the future. Right now, while the enterprise is based in Wood Dale, Illinois, Lia Sophia is growing and expanding both in North America and in parts of Europe. It's also important to mention that the corporation is proud members of the Direct Selling Association (DSA).

As far as their products go, Lia Sophia sells various types of jewelry from gold jewelry, silver jewelry and mixed metals jewelry. The have too many pieces of jewelry to mention in this short examination. Nonetheless, I will mention that they sell almost everything from bracelets to earrings to necklaces to pendants to rings. Recently, Lia Sophia has been featured on CNBC and Oprah Winfrey's "O" Magazine. On their business site, you'll find also many photos of celebrities wearing Lia Sophia jewelry including Laura Prepon, Maria Menounos, Stacey Keibler and Taryn Manning. In addition, all Lia Sophia products come with a lifetime guarantee, that happens to be great from a marketing perspective.

With regards to their business opportunity, you can be a distributor by purchasing a starter kit for $149. You will find several ways you could get rewarded as a representative including various recognition programs throughout the calendar year, cash bonuses, free jewelry and trips. In addition to that, you might earn extra benefits for being a hostess like hosting credits up to 40%, a lot more discounts on jewelry and even free jewelry. For the best person, who has a passion for jewelry, Lia Sophia could be a fun and lucrative business venture.

In closing, Lia Sophia is an established business that sells good products. Nevertheless, contrary to what you may have been told, that has very little to do with whether you are going to be prosperous or not. While it's typically beneficial to you to have a stable enterprise supporting your business, what really determines whether you'll succeed or not, is your ability to sponsor individuals into your enterprise, your ability to market jewelry and your ability to grow a group. And, among the greatest factors to accomplishing those three things is your ability to market. In the event you never know anything about marketing, you'll have a hard time building your Lia Sophia venture. It's significant to your success that you get the right marketing training so you might brand yourself and produce an endless flow of top quality leads. Obviously, you might build your enterprise using traditional, offline approaches but, for the average person getting started, calling on your warm market will only take you so far. Should you could combine productive offline strategies with the ability to produce 10-30+ leads a day internet, there's no telling how productive you might be with your Lia Sophia venture.

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