Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Until the MonaVie Scam And The System

Just don't judge the MonaVie scam to be valid too quickly because it was not this way inside the beginning. You should do some good research on more concerning the corporation before drawing your own conclusion.

Like all typical multi level marketing systems your guess is a correct about it's selling propositions. You are normally encouraged to become Independent Associates in the event you purchase MonaVie's products. You profit by bringing in much more associates and get a percentage of every sale made by your down line.

It is correct to say that you are going to be working in a multilevel marketing based system where "leveraging on others" is the common motto. Generally, you bring in a network of people to sell MonaVie juices, they sell to their friends, and their friends sell to their friends. Let us get down to a lot more details about the MonaVie scam now.

The Sad Truth

Unfortunately, your fellow friends of the public do not agree with MonaVie and most it's claims. We shall go over each point briefly to validate this. Firstly, it would be great for you to know that the price you pay for each bottle of the drink costs $45. A one month supply is about $180.

A brief summary of some sad facts of the MonaVie scam:

1) MonaVie is not purchasing their Açai berries from Sambazon (source of the very best berries)

2) The drink seriously isn't made up of 100% freeze dried Açai. They use a blend of Açai puree and freeze dried Açai

3) Independent distributors can certainly abuse the system and try to sponsor endless representatives

Most folks get burned by point 3 because in reality it isn't that simple to sign up people who can certainly work precisely the same system to your liking.

There is still some light at the end of the tunnel. If you really want to profit easily but with some element of direct marketing involved, doing an instant commission sale is the trend for right now. You would not even bother in regards to the MonaVie scam topics once you see this.

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