Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How To Be Top Earner With World Ventures

World Ventures UK was launched in July 2009; it was a merger with Success University a personal development corporation with a mission to educate the world with personal development education, at a price most people can afford. The merger was a shock to plenty of Success University students, some individuals were annoyed with the merger, quit, and joined other multilevel marketing companies. I personally think that the merger was a great move, for the simple reason the travel industry is the largest inside the world, over 8 trillion is spent on travel globally and it's a much easier conversation to have with prospects, were with personal development most people do not care, and don't think they need it, it's that simple.

World Ventures UK was the 1st branch of the international arm, and things seem to be moving along quite nicely. World Ventures UK had their first Dream Trip at Center Parks, it was a 3 day, 4 night trip, I believe the price was something like £17 every day, including lunch and Sunday brunch. After the 1st trip many folks that were sceptical concerning the World Ventures UK merger began to believe and have faith, some of the old Success University students re-joined.

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