Saturday, September 18, 2010

Monitium - Can You Hand Them Your Control Or A Fraud

This assessment is for you if you're wondering if Monitium is a smart preference as a home based business platform.  I am calling it a platform rather than an Network marketing company because that is what they claim.  Contrary to everyday opinion, when a organization or whatever they wish to call themselves pops up with a home business opportunity and put it upon them selves to disclaim mlm, it is time to run the other way.

As always, I was in our office attending to some squad members when a man hit me up on skype.  We generally will not entertain such unsolicited request but I chose to because I was highly excited about some momentum that just happen within our mastermind inner Circle.  Earlier, I also received an unsolicited e-mail about Monitium inside my private email.

Is Monitium a rip-off? I would not declare that as of yet or may be never.  Nonetheless I will point out to you how to identify red flags in New companies like Monitium.  One point that the majority of people need to realize in the mlm industry is that it is a real industry like any other.    Therefore Top controllers in MLM can be very shady especially when they are starting off a new company.  I know people personally that have been offered millions of dollars to bring in their whole team from their previous MLM Company into their new company.  It happens all the time.

I quote. "Don’t worry about understanding everything today, just look at the Living Legendary Leaders who are endorsing this unique business platform," said Monitum's website at press time.  Endorsements are a good thing.  Just do not base your choice to participate or continue with Monitium on just that.

I am aware there are biased Monitium reviews around on the internet which are written by people who are involved with this so called platform.  I am not involved with them.  I was simply pitched with this opportunity and I gave it a thorough review using a checklist that you deserve to lay your hands on.

I quote again.  "We don't sell any products and service, we simply protect you from you being left out on the streets after building a huge organization," said Monitum's associate which I spoke to.  Any organization that is developing a pay plan structure which they have admitted to and do not have any service or product that is trading hands with the open public is known as pyramid scheme.  Sorry.

Am I saying that Monitium is a pyramid scheme? NO! Nevertheless, one and only thing that is closest to services that they are offering is for you the network marketer.  In the legal world or on "American greed", you would be referred to as an investor.  Never mind that Monitium call you associates.

The service is representing you with the best Network marketing corporations as they claim and you can be in charge of your career.  "Just recruit people into their platform." I do not know about you.  That sounds to me that they'll take control of your career from the other MLM companies.

Monitium just isn't a Network marketing firm as they claim but these people have a network marketing pay plan structure.  The last time I checked, MLM is an acronym for Multilevel marketing.  What do Monitium really do?

They are right that you don't own your Multilevel marketing business account at any Network marketing firm.  The only thing you hold is your prospects list and your relationship with that list.  When you build a list and relationship with that list, you can control it and partner with any company you choose without worrying if they will shut down next minute.

Making your own list is constructing your own empire for you and not for Monitium or any other firm.  Today, there are cheap and easy to use infrastructures online to build a massive list and takeover any company you enter.  That is the only way to cover your home business and not by giving control to an additional corporation or platform like Monitium.

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