Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nikken Scam Talk

The big uncertainty that is on everyone's mind is Nikken a gimmick or not. Now I have examine other reviews on this company and some of them are a little off base. One truth they do have in common with this review from an ex rep is that Nikken isn't a scam in any way shape or form.

Nikken is among the oldest corporations in the business that began in Japan far more than 35 years back with the school of thought of the 5-pillars of health. A healthy body, mind, family, society and finances. The accepted wisdom and reality behind this philosophy, is that every thing should be in balance to live a fulfilled life.

This school of thought of balance is revealed through every aspect of the enterprise and the main area that Nikken excels is their product line. While many other corporations they put together an excellent comp plan and search out a distinctive product with the exact price-point to make their plan work effectively. Nikken started with their products first and then chose the multilevel marketing enterprise model to move them in to the hands of consumers.

The leadership group has a great combination of individuals such a Chief executive officer Kurt Fulle and President Douglas Braun. Kurt Fulle has 21 yeas of manufacturing and 7 years of public accounting practical knowledge. Douglas Braun has far more than 20-years of extensive global brand development and international business practical experience in sales, marketing and executive management.

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